12 Best Things To Do in Arroyo Grande, CA

12 Best Things To Do in Arroyo Grande, CA

  • Weber Team Real Estate
  • 10/5/23

Nestled in the heart of California’s Central Coast lies the quaint and charming town of Arroyo Grande. Boasting a rich history, scenic beauty, and an array of activities, it’s a gem waiting to be explored. Among other attributes, Arroyo Grande stands out for its many parks, outdoor activities, and high-quality restaurants. As you prepare to dive into the soul of this town, let’s explore the best recreation that Arroyo Grande offers.

Things to do in Arroyo Grande

With its beautiful temperate Mediterranean climate, Arroyo Grande provides every opportunity for residents and visitors to enjoy themselves. Here are some of our favorite activities to pursue in Arroyo Grande.

Swinging Bridge

Feel the exhilaration as you walk across the Swinging Bridge. This historical pedestrian bridge, suspended above the Arroyo Grande Creek, offers a sense of adventure and a glimpse into the town’s past. It’s located just off the bustling W. Branch St. — a wonderful introduction for newcomers to Arroyo Grande.

Village of Arroyo Grande

Stroll down the enchanting streets of the Village of Arroyo Grande. This beautifully preserved area brings together historical charm with modern amenities. Picture cobblestone walkways, quaint boutiques, friendly local shops, and delightful cafes with outdoor seating that invites lingering over a coffee or sweet treat. Don't miss the iconic swinging bridge, one of the village’s cherished landmarks that offers a fun, light-hearted crossing over Arroyo Grande Creek.

Heritage House Museum

Dive into the rich history of Arroyo Grande at the Heritage House Museum. This preserved Victorian home, set in a lovely garden, offers a glimpse into the life of the early 1900s. Guided tours are available, led by knowledgeable docents who share fascinating stories of the region’s past. Each room is meticulously adorned with period-appropriate furnishings, giving visitors an immersive and informative experience.

Halcyon Farms

Take a scenic drive to the lush and fertile grounds of Halcyon Farms. This delightful farm is more than a place to pick fresh produce; it’s a connection to the land and a step back into a simpler, slower way of life. Whether you're looking for fresh seasonal produce or want to explore picturesque landscapes, Halcyon Farms offers an unforgettable experience. Bring along a picnic basket, find a shady spot under an oak tree, and revel in the natural splendor of this serene location.

Go off the beaten path

Part of Arroyo Grande’s charm is its rural surroundings. You don’t have to venture far to enjoy the solace of nature on a weekend trip or day off. Here are a few of our favorite rustic venues in Arroyo Grande.

Rancho Burro Donkey Sanctuary

Find joy in life's simple pleasures at the Rancho Burro Donkey Sanctuary. Spending time with these gentle creatures will fill your heart with warmth and compassion. Situated well north of the city, Rancho Burro is an excellent way to go off the beaten path.

Windmill Farms

Step into a countryside dream at Windmill Farms. With beautifully landscaped gardens, rustic windmills, and fresh produce, it’s another picturesque escape from the hustle and bustle. Windmill Farms moonlights as a wedding venue, but you can usually visit for a casual stroll through its rose-laden grounds.

Talley Farms Fresh Harvest

For a fresh and local taste of Arroyo Grande, make your way to Talley Farms Fresh Harvest. This family-run farm provides visitors with the opportunity to experience the agricultural richness of the region. Purchase a freshly harvested produce box brimming with vibrant fruits and vegetables and explore the farm’s grounds. You may even have the chance to meet friendly farmers who can share stories of the land and the crops they cultivate with love and care.

The Gardens At Peacock Farms

A paradise for garden lovers, The Gardens At Peacock Farms is a must-visit. This beautifully maintained garden, complete with blooming flowers, graceful fountains, and shaded pathways, offers a peaceful retreat. It’s also a popular venue for weddings and special events, thanks to its stunning landscape design and romantic atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy a leisurely walk, capture some beautiful photos, or simply sit and enjoy the tranquility that the gardens provide.

Ocean Breeze Equestrian Center

For those who love animals and outdoor activities, visiting the Ocean Breeze Equestrian Center is a definite must. Whether you're an experienced rider or it’s your first time in the saddle, the friendly staff are eager to introduce you to their well-trained horses and guide you on a scenic trail ride through beautiful terrain. With the wind in your hair and a trusty steed beneath you, it’s a refreshing way to experience the natural beauty of Arroyo Grande.


Arroyo Grande residents wake up every day looking for outdoor adventure. The city receives 286 sunny days per year (or an average of about five sunny days per week), so it’s unlikely to rain on your parade at these local gems.

Hoosegow Park

Discover the tranquility of Hoosegow Park, a peaceful enclave perfect for a family outing or a quiet afternoon with a book. The well-maintained green spaces invite strolls, while the playground area sparks joy for young visitors. The park's shade trees provide cool spots to sit and unwind, making it a beloved space for picnics and casual gatherings with friends and family.

Centennial Park

Centennial Park is a hub of community activity in Arroyo Grande. With its expansive lawn, play structures for kids, and a community center that hosts various classes and events, this park is a vibrant and engaging space for all ages. It's also an excellent place for sports enthusiasts, offering tennis courts and open fields for a game of frisbee or soccer.

Elm Street Dog Park

Last but certainly not least, Elm Street Dog Park is an absolute must-visit for dog lovers and their furry friends. This well-maintained, fenced-in area provides a safe and fun environment for dogs to run, play, and socialize. With separate areas for large and small dogs and seating for pet parents, it’s a welcoming and friendly spot to meet other dog lovers and give your canine companion some exercise and social time.

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