Morro Bay & Los Osos

Laid-back beach town with scenic, rugged cliffs and good surf.

Welcome to Morro Bay/Los Osos

Laid-back beach town with scenic, rugged cliffs and good surf.
Home to Montana de Oro State Park and the Elfin Forest, Los Osos is defined by its outdoor adventures. Tranquil and scenic, this 12.8 square mile slice of California features a variety of tide pools and hiking trails—which the community’s mild temperatures and near non-existent levels of precipitation protect year-round. 
Horseback riding and golfing are popular activities here, as are strolls through Baywood Farmers Market. Four miles away in Morro Bay, you can kayak through the protected waters and see an abundance of local wildlife. Harbor seals, otters, and sea lions are common here, as are several species of birds. There’s also plenty of shopping, dining, and kite flying.

Both communities are a mix of year-round residents and seasonal visitors, each serving as a bedroom community for nearby cities. Rugged cliffs feature a combination of elegant homes and more modest abodes.

What to Love in Morro Bay and Los Osos

  • The laid-back vibe
  • Scenic rugged cliffs
  • Great surf and coastal atmosphere

People & Lifestyle - Living in Morro Bay and Los Osos

With a population of just over 14,000, Los Osos is classified as one of California’s most populous coastal communities. Morro Bay is slightly smaller, with around 10,000 residents. Inhabitants here savor outdoor living—sailing, surfing, biking, and hiking are ways of life.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

There’s an eclectic mix of food here. Notable dining options include Sylvester’s Burgers, the original location of a small West Coast chain known for serving offbeat proteins like elk and buffalo; Kuma Sushi, which serves ramen, sashimi, and more; The Blue Heron Market, which is best known for their family dinner-to-go, and Noi and Doi’s 2nd Street Cafe, which serves Thai. In Morro Bay, Shine Cafe is a vegan and vegetarian venue that uses local, organic ingredients and provides gluten-free options, while Giovanni’s Fish Market delivers fresh seafood to your door.

Things to Do in Morro Bay and Los Osos

Visitors (and even some California natives) come to Los Osos and Morro Bay to visit the Elfin Forest, a natural preserve that features 90 acres of short-statured live oak trees that are stunted by the local environment. Despite being centuries old, some of the trees here are only four feet in stature. The Morro Bay National Estuary Program, which works to protect the Bay for people and wildlife, is open to visitors, and Montana de Oro State Park (called Mountain of Gold because of the golden wildflowers found there) is frequented by many.

Schools in   Morro Bay and Los Osos

Los Osos and Morro Bay are served by these public schools: Baywood and Monarch Grove Elementary, Los Osos Middle School, and Morro Bay High School, which was recently ranked #3,872 in US News’ national school rankings. 

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