Best Steak Restaurants In San Luis Obispo, CA

Best Steak Restaurants In San Luis Obispo, CA

  • Weber Team Real Estate
  • 10/6/23

San Luis Obispo, nestled in the heart of California, has long been a hub for fine dining enthusiasts and culinary adventurers. The Central Coast town boasts an array of restaurants serving delectable dishes, and if you're in the mood for a prime cut of steak that melts in your mouth, San Luis Obispo has got you covered. For those looking to elevate their dining experience, here are some of the most luxurious steakhouse offerings in town.


Tucked away in a picturesque corner of the town, Ox+Anchor prides itself on serving the highest-quality steaks. It’s situated in the Hotel San Luis Obispo and supervised by chef Ryan Francher, who returned to Northern California to apply his innovative approach to Ox+Anchor as well as Piadina, the hotel’s onsite Italian restaurant. Ox+Anchor offers lighter first courses, including such treats as crab cakes, croquettes, and oysters. Diners move on to steak entrees ranging from eight to 16 ounces. You can pair your order with a selection from the restaurant’s wine list, which features some of the best vintages from the Central Coast. The ambiance, with understated elegance, complements the gastronomic journey, making every dinner at Ox+Anchor an affair to remember.

Alex Madonna's Gold Rush Steak House

Step into a world of grandeur and extravagance at Alex Madonna's Gold Rush Steak House. Instantly recognizable for its pink-accented decor, the steakhouse can be found at the Madonna Inn. In contrast with self-consciously modern steakhouses, Alex Madonna’s is a proudly traditional steakhouse where savory cuts are cooked over an oak-wood pit. Connoisseurs will be delighted with the filet mignon, New York steak, sirloin steak, and rib-eye steak. The swordfish steak and lobster entrees are second to none. Diners seeking a slightly different culinary experience can indulge in various non-steak menu items (grilled portobello, fried chicken, or sun-dried tomato pasta). The exceptional dessert menu features unique takes on the banana split and the Madonna Inn’s famous cakes. Children 12 and under can order from a separate menu that ranges in sophistication from grilled cheese to prime rib.

F. McLintock's

Step through the rustic doors of F. McLintock's, and you're immediately transported to an era where cowboys roamed free in the Wild West. As it approaches its 50th anniversary, the steakhouse proudly offers rib-eye, bacon-wrapped filet mignon, and sirloin. The steaks here are more moderately priced but no less savory than you might be used to. They’re cut and aged in-house for a minimum of 60 days. The wide-ranging menu touches on burgers, tacos, pasta, and barbeque in addition to the more traditional steak fare. Diners can opt for indoor dining or enjoy late-night cocktails in the creekside dining area.

Koberl At Blue

Nestled in the heart of the town, Koberl At Blue puts a New American spin on steak without sacrificing quality. Everything from the brick walls to the signature steaks speaks of solidity. Though the menu is grounded in Snake River Farms signature beef, diners can expect the highest quality vegetarian dishes made with ingredients from local growers. You can sit at the modern bar and enjoy your favorite cocktail or glass of locally-produced wine. With many appetizers and small plates to share, it’s an ideal spot for all manner of celebrations. You can find Koberl At Blue in the historic J.P. Andrews Building at the corner of Monterey and Osos.

Mistura Restaurant

Considered one of the city’s best restaurants, Mistura Restaurant serves the finest Peruvian cuisine in the Central Coast. The restaurant celebrates biodiversity through sustainably produced and procured ingredients; whether you order poultry, beef, or pork, you can be assured they are free-range, organic, and non-hormone-treated. Chef Nicola Allegretta counts Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine among the menu’s many influences. Though the menu constantly evolves, you can count on a delicious steak entree (most recently, the Bistec a lo Pobre — steak served over rice and beans, fried plantains, and topped with a fried egg). With a robust drink menu to match, diners fall in love with Mistura every time they return.

Cafe Roma

At Cafe Roma, it's as if a slice of Italy has been beautifully encapsulated within the heart of San Luis Obispo. From the moment you step in, there's an undeniable aura of Italian charisma. The white tablecloths and the extensive wine list greatly enhance the old-world feel. Cafe Roma initially opened in 1980 as the city’s first Italian restaurant. Its owners carry a proud family legacy and treasure their status as one of the largest buyers at local farmers markets, which supply many of the restaurant’s ingredients. Like the Madonna Inn, Cafe Roma has become more relevant as times have changed. Its seasonal menu brings new favorites to the masses, while the permanent dinner menu offers fresh pizzas, a full complement of delicious pasta, and, of course, the filet mignon al Chianti.


Novo, in essence, is a culinary rebirth — a place where worldwide cuisines come together with a touch of modern flair. With a cellar dining area, upstairs lounge, and creekside patio, Novo can feel like several restaurants rolled into one. Its dynamic is thoroughly Californian: a wide range of global cuisines comprising mostly local ingredients. The menu starts with sharable plates various enough to intrigue everyone in your dining party. Novo’s rib-eye steak is served with herb-roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and onions, while the filet mignon comes with snow crab, potato puree, sauteed vegetables, and black truffle compound butter. If you leave the restaurant impressed, Novo’s owners also operate Luna Red, which serves Latin-inspired dishes in downtown San Luis Obispo.

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